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Anna Engelhardt

I was born in Germany, studied food science and shortly after graduation accepted an offer from a Namibian company to establish a quality assurance laboratory in Windhoek. Some years later, I moved to Cape Town where I became a journalist for a trade journal to the food industry. Because I was expected to do my own photography, I bought my first Nikon and also learned how to do dark-room work.

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The photographic bug had bitten and soon became a passion. I was, however, a ‘purist’ and resisted the change to digital camera until my son handed me one of his DSLR cameras to try it out. I became intrigued and signed up for a course at the Cape Town School of Photography, where I met an interesting group of like-minded people. Eight of us decided to start our own photographic club – Full Spectrum.

Like all the others, I also joined the Cape Town Photographic Society in 2011 and now serve on the Council, looking after the publications portfolio. This led to being appointed editor of the society’s official newsletter, Cape Camera.

Of all the different photographic genres, it is landscape, macro and still life that holds an unending fascination for me – together with the challenge to find specific images that lend themselves to being converted successfully into black and white.





Pat Scott

On retiring after 41 years of teaching I at last had the time to follow my dream of photography. Shortly after arriving in Cape Town in December 2005 I registered for an Introductory Course at the Cape Town School of Photography. Since then I have enjoyed every moment of the challenges, frustrations and amazing rewards of this wonderful creative activity. Photography is my passion!

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I have been fortunate to take several courses and have interacted with and learnt so much from several highly respected photographers. I have been touched by the amicable willingness of the vast majority of photographers to share ideas and assist others in keeping up with the technical advances in photography.

I am delighted to be a member of the Full Spectrum group and feel my photographic skills have evolved immensely due to our regular meetings. I am also a member of the Cape Town Photographic Society where I have served on the Council for several years, and where my broader knowledge of the world of photography was augmented significantly when I assisted in the planning and organization of the Society’s 125 years celebration in 2015.

I have always had a keen interest in Wild Life and have visited Game Parks for over 60 years; hence I now try to link my two passions and needless to say my favourite genre is specifically Wild Life, and Nature in general. However I do enjoy doing environmental portraits and occasionally try to be more adventurous with abstract work.


Lesley Parolis

I have always had a keen interest in photography but only became really serious about it once I stopped working full time and could devote time and energy to what has become a real passion in my life. In 2009 I did my first digital photography course, DSLR1, at the Cape Town School of Photography. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it stimulated me to do the next phase, DSLR2. The people I met at the School and the exposure I had to new ways of “seeing” the everyday world around me was tremendous.

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] The founding of our own group, Full Spectrum Photography, has meant that my photography can grow and my vision and skills expand continuously. We have a wonderful group of ladies and every one of them has become a good friend. A natural progression was to join the Cape Town Photographic Society in 2011 ( where I am on the Council and serve as competitions convenor. I am continually learning and trying to increase my visual literacy, all this while having tremendous fun. Photography is a way of sharing one’s vision of the world and I like to think that I can share some of the beauty I see around me with others. [/read]

Jean Bradshaw

I trained as a scientist but latterly have been helping my husband run a small business from home.  In between, I help my daughter and daughter-in-law with my grandchildren.  I took up photography as a hobby in 2005 with a small compact digital camera.

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] Having done one beginners workshop at the Cape Town School of photography, I decided to take it further and bought my first SLR camera in 2006.  Since then I have done workshops in different aspects of photography with the aim of improving my visual literacy and Photoshop techniques.  I joined Full Spectrum in 2010, and have learned so much from my fellow photographers in the club.  I am a member of the Cape Town Photographic Society.  My photographic interests lie in landscapes/seascapes and macro, but recently have had fun experimenting with digital photographic art. [/read]

Kim Stevens

My love affair with photography began in 2003 with an epiphany. I was attending a photo workshop in Kamieskroon in the Northern Cape with the celebrated Master of Light, Freeman Paterson. His slideshows of photographs depicting the extraordinary in the ordinary, changed my view on the world forever.
Photography has become both an passion and an addiction and I can never stop seeing the world in images wherever I happen to find myself.

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I enjoy all genres of photography, especially dance and stage photography, landscape and wildlife and street photography. I love to travel and explore new horizons with my camera, searching for light and compositions to tell my story. To explore my vision and enhance my skills I have taken part in numerous workshops , courses and photo tours. Central to my development as photographer has been my involvement with Full Spectrum, a wonderful group of dedicated photographers, who work together encouraging and challenging each other to greater fulfillment of their shared passion.

Please visit for more of my images


Joan Ward

Cameras of all descriptions have always fascinated me, from my first box Brownie at age 10, when photography was simply for record shots of family gatherings and holidays, to today’s DSLRs with the infinite possibilities these cameras encourage.   On the way video claimed my interest for many years; during this time I worked in the field of making corporate programmes professionally.

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] These days I concentrate on still photography, seeing my world through different eyes, opening my mind to different concepts, playing with light – the list is endlessly fascinating.   Action photography was my favourite genre.  However, being part of a group like Full Spectrum adds many special things:  friendship, encouragement, shared wisdom, laughter, to what is already, an incredibly absorbing pastime, consequently my interests have broadened to many other aspects of this amazing, all-absorbing occupation. [/read]

Sue Docherty

My interest in photography began at an early age when my parents gave me my very first camera (a little box Brownie) as a birthday present. I have been hooked ever since. My love for images and words led to a career in Advertising, TV production and Publishing.

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I met Lesley and Anna at a Macro Workshop given by Nicole Palmer, after which they invited me to join the Full Spectrum Photography Club. I value the camaraderie, friendship and inspiration within the group.

I enjoy all genres of photography, especially seascape, landscape and travel, although I find that abstract photography is where my passion lies.


Kathy Priday

For me, being at the sea with crashing waves and glistening rocks, the sun just set and the sky ablaze with colour, my camera on a tripod and my filters at hand, is pure bliss! Photography makes me see the world in pictures and it gives me many blissful moments, in the mountains, the forest, the street on a road trip and best of all when travelling. Belonging to this group of inspiring and wonderful women has been one of my great privileges in life.