The Full Spectrum Photographic Club is a Cape Town based photographic club which was formed in 2009 when a group of eight past students of the Cape Town School of Photography decided to continue with their photographic development. The aim was to increase their level of competence through being challenged on an ongoing basis. Although a few members have left since then and new ones have joined, this has not changed the fundamental make-up and ambitions of the club. The members are Sue Docherty, Jean Bradshaw, Anna Engelhardt, Lesley Parolis, Kathy Priday, Pat Scott, Kim Stevens and Joan Ward.

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The members meet every month where they present and critique each other’s set of images, which cover a specific theme, such as landscape, macro, abstract, portraiture, sport, social commentary, still life, and altered reality. Well-known photographers in their fields are often invited to attend, with the request to assess the images by adding their analytical views and suggestions.

Other activities of the club include visiting photographic exhibitions and attending regular master classes with professionals such as Nicole Palmer, Peter Haarhoff, Greg Hillyard, Vanessa Cowling, Uschi Stuart, Martin Osner, Paul Bruins, Eugene van der Merwe and Leon Oosthuizen. They organize regular photo shoots in the vicinity of Cape Town as well as photographic outings over several days to such photogenic places as Arniston, de Hoop Nature Reserve, the West Coast and Postberg Reserve, the Overberg region during harvest time and to several places in the Northern Cape during spring flower season.

Full Spectrum has held two exhibitions, showcasing their work. The first one took place at Exposure Gallery at the Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock in November 2011; and the second one at Spin Street Gallery, Cape Town in December 2014.